Pre-Listing Home Inspection: Everything You Need to Know

Getting a Pre Listing Home Inspection as the Seller

Buying or selling a home can be a stressful process. Performing a pre-listing home inspection is one of the most important measures that can be taken to ensure a smooth transaction. Taking advantage of this beneficial investment gives sellers the opportunity to discover and solve any problems that may exist with their home before putting it up for sale, which may possibly save them both time and money in the future.

In order to accomplish this, a qualified home inspector will carry out an exhaustive evaluation of the current condition of the property. Their inspection goes beyond just the aesthetics of a home. They evaluate the home from top to bottom, conducting inspections of the plumbing, electrical systems, and structural stability, among other aspects. When sellers have this inspection performed prior to offering their home for sale, they are able to make any necessary repairs or disclose any problems to prospective purchasers in advance.

When you establish trust and transparency with the purchasing party, it gives buyers greater confidence in the property they are considering. The peace of mind that comes from knowing that a home has been thoroughly inspected makes the process of negotiating much more efficient.

Additionally, a pre-listing home inspection assists sellers in determining a more realistic listing price for their property. For the purpose of avoiding overpricing or underpricing a property, it is important to be aware of the actual condition of the home. In this way, it is determined whether the final asking price is reasonable.

In general, a home inspection is a beneficial investment tool for sellers who want to reduce the amount of stress they experience and increase the likelihood that their home will be successfully sold.

A single family home prior to sale; prepared for a pre-listing home inspection.


Generally speaking, home inspections are conducted after an offer has been made on the property. Then, the buyer’s offer includes a condition for a home inspection. Afterwards, the current owner of the property agrees to a schedule and timeframe for the inspection to be carried out. Before putting their home up for sale, however, there is a growing trend among sellers to want to have a pre-listing inspection rather than a traditional inspection.

An inspection performed prior to the listing of a property offers a number of advantages to both the seller and the prospective purchaser. For sellers, it reveals any problems or repairs that may need to be handled before advertising the property. When you take this first step, you indicate to potential buyers that you are transparent and that you are committed to ensuring that the house is in good condition.


By being proactive and addressing issues before they escalate, you can save yourself time, money, and stress in the long run. Whether it’s fixing or even just disclosing a leaky roof, faulty appliance, or electrical issues, taking the time to complete a pre-listing home inspection can prevent a potential sale from falling through. 


When it comes to selling any product or service, attracting serious buyers is influential in driving a successful sale.  One way to appeal to committed buyers is by getting a pre-listing home inspection. By conducting an inspection before listing your home, buyers know the true condition of the property when they make their offer.


On the flip side, the upfront cost of the inspection can be a deterrent for homeowners, especially if they are unsure of the return on investment. However, if those same issues are identified later, it could potentially scare off your buyers or lead to unwanted negotiations on the asking price. In the heat of a negotiation, and under pressure from the purchaser and real estate agents you’re likely to be more agreeable than you would’ve been prior to listing. 

Fixes After Pre Listing Inspection: What’s Mandatory?

One of the main advantages of a pre-listing inspection is that it allows you to address any issues before listing, rather than waiting for a buyer’s inspection to reveal them. A pre-listing inspection can help you make your home stand out in a competitive market by showing that you are proactive about the condition of your home. If any issues are uncovered during the inspection, you have the option to fix them before listing your home. Doing so potentially saves you time and money in the long run.

However! That doesn’t make any of these repairs mandatory. In fact, you could proceed without making any repairs. Perhaps you’re not up to taking on these updates to the home. Instead, you can adjust and justify your asking price while disclosing the nature of the home to potential buyers. Simply doing this will put you ahead in the market. The transparency that comes with just a pre-listing inspection report ready means both the buyer and the seller will be on the same page at the start of any negotiations.

How Much Does a Pre Listing Home Inspection Cost?

Pre-sale inspections can cost anywhere from $300 to $700, depending on the size and location of the property. This cost can vary based on the professional home inspector and the level of detail included in their pre-listing inspection report. However, it’s a small price to pay when you are looking to sell your home with the least amount of stress. Besides, a pre-listing inspection is only going to uncover issues that would otherwise arise during a buyer’s home inspection.

When considering the cost of a home inspection, consider the benefits that a professional Calgary Home Inspector provides. Not only does a pre-listing inspection offer upfront insights into potential problems with the property, but it’s also easier to schedule the inspection. The timing is at the seller’s discretion. Meaning there’s less parties involved to coordinate and less scheduling pressures due to the timing of contract conditions. This can save time and stress during the selling process, and ensure that you are fully prepared to get your home ready for buying a home.

Getting a Home Inspection Before Listing a House on the Market

Before putting your home for sale on the market, it is important to complete a home inspection beforehand. This will help you be aware of any issues that may arise during the conditional sale period. A pre-sale inspection offers several benefits. While the cost of a pre-listing home inspection is the same for a seller as it would be a buyer, the earlier timing may pay off for a seller in the long run. The result is a buyer who is more inclined to purchase the property. For additional guidance, a real estate agent will help highlight the benefits of a pre-listing home inspection. Once you and your agent are fully aware of any issues, they will be equipped in how best to navigate them before listing.

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