Post Possession Home Inspection: New Calgary Homeowners

by | Nov 1, 2023

Post Possession Home Inspections in Calgary

You’ve done it! You’re the proud owner of a new home in Calgary. Whether it was your first or fifth home purchase, the excitement of securing a house, especially in Calgary’s competitive real estate environment, is an unmatched feeling. But, did you opt to waive the home inspection condition to stand out in the bidding war? If yes, you’re not alone. Many homeowners, in an effort to gain an edge in a fast-paced market, bypass this crucial step. However, the opportunity to understand the health of your home wasn’t lost in that fleeting moment. It is still well within reach through a post-possession home inspection.

Why are Home Inspections Waived?

  • The thrill and pressure of home purchasing in Calgary, combined with a scarce inventory, can make the process feel like a high-stakes game. Many buyers forgo the home inspection, viewing it as a way to expedite the transaction or to make their offer more appealing to sellers. It’s a strategy that, while potentially advantageous in the short term, might leave homeowners in the dark about potential issues with their newly acquired property.

Shedding Light on Post Possession Inspections

  • A common misconception is that home inspections are exclusive to the period before a real estate transaction is finalized. The truth? A home inspection can be done anytime. This gives homeowners, like you, a comprehensive understanding of your home’s condition on demand.

    Imagine moving into your new home and finding a major water leak or realizing an entire system is out of commission. Such surprises can be daunting, not to mention costly. By opting for a post-possession home inspection, you gain insights into the nitty-gritty of your home. This knowledge helps in making informed decisions on repairs and renovations, ensuring your home remains a safe haven.

Post Possession Home Inspection in Calgary

Why Opt for a Post Possession Home Inspection?

  • A post-possession home inspection caters to homeowners who want to bridge the gap between securing their new property and truly understanding its condition. This service is especially valuable to those who waived the inspection condition to expedite the home buying process. Waiving the home inspection means you’re willing to take on a certain level of risk to attain the property of your dreams. While a post-possession home inspection doesn’t give you any bargaining power or inform you at the time of purchase, it does mitigate the ongoing risk you took on. By understanding the state of your home you’re no longer in the dark. Now you can plan appropriately to stay ahead of maintenance and repairs. 

    Let’s face it, the Calgary housing market can be fierce. In a bid to stand out, some buyers might choose to forego the traditional home inspection during the purchasing process. While this might offer a strategic advantage, it also means potentially missing out on vital information about your new home. A post-possession home inspection allows you to have your cake and eat it too. Benefit from the competitive advantage and still gain a comprehensive understanding of your property’s state.

Home Inspection in Springbank Calgary
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Who needs an after purchase home inspection?

  • The primary goal of any home inspection is to equip you with the knowledge you need about your home, regardless of when you seek it. Home inspections aren’t bound to real estate transactions. They are designed to give homeowners peace of mind at any stage of their journey.

    A recent client, a family relocating to Calgary from Ontario, perfectly illustrates this point. To gain a competitive edge, they waived the home inspection. But their astuteness shone when they recruited us to perform a post-possession home inspection prior to moving in their belongings. We identified several plumbing-related issues, amongst others during the inspection. This includes a malfunctioning shower and tub on the upper level. Having a bathroom partially out of commission could be a big issue for a family expecting to have ample facilities. Armed with this information, the family was able to address these concerns immediately. Thus, ensuring a smoother transition into their new residence.

    In the current market scenario in Calgary, data suggests many more families either have or will be making purchases without home inspections. Right now, it’s vital to know that a post-possession home inspection is still an option. This ensures you’re not left playing a guessing game with your most significant investment. It’s never too late to know your home inside out.

Booking a Post Possession Home Inspection

  • Are you a homeowner who waived the inspection condition but still wants to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to your property’s well-being? Our post-possession home inspections provide you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions. Don’t let the excitement of a new home purchase overshadow the importance of understanding your investment. Click here to book your post-possession home inspection online and empower yourself with valuable insights. No realtor required, no separate category, or price. This is the same home inspection service you would have received pre-purchase.

Post Possession Home Inspections in Calgary

  • In the dynamic Calgary real estate market, gaining a competitive edge doesn’t have to mean sacrificing the peace of mind that comes with a comprehensive home inspection. Our post-possession home inspections are designed to empower homeowners with knowledge. Ensuring that you’re not just settling into a new house, but into a well-informed future. Your home is your sanctuary, and as your Calgary Home Inspector I’m here to help you make the most of it.