With over 10 years of experience in the Construction industry, working as an Architectural Technologist, developing a passion for Home Inspection came naturally. Inspections afford me opportunities to work more directly with the aspect of architecture I’ve always been the most drawn to – people’s homes. With a strong knack for understanding constructibility and building science I began taking a lead role in construction contract administration early in my career. Construction Contract Administration is the process of designers reviewing and overseeing various phases of construction to ensure Architectural drawings and on-site fabrication are aligned.

As an Archi. Tech. I have reviewed and reported on the various conditions present throughout the construction process for thousands of new homes. My involvement spans over the full development cycle – from excavation and foundation pours to the finished construction stage. The only stage I tended to routinely miss out on has was homeowners taking possession of their new residence.

Calgary Home Inspector


I have also practiced as an Office Lead in Site Development; reviewing, understanding and implementing local land-use bylaws and zoning, site planning, and coordination with utility services. These responsibilities together generate the final siting and grading plans responsible for placing and properly designing the drainage for homes – of which I’ve completed for various developing communities across Canada.

These critical roles were over and above the main role I served as an Archi. Tech. which requires; the design and drafting of architectural designs through to permit and construction-ready drawings, the creation of hundreds of construction details outlining building connections and construction sequencing, and the coordination of Architectural drawings with Electrical, HVAC and Structural engineers.  I’ve assisted in exploring the potential a home can be held to as far as Net Zero (energy-use) construction. All of this to emphasize that I know houses. With this experience I have the mind to reverse engineer any home, and find the gaps between then and now providing homeowners with the most effective guide to improving the condition of a home.


In transitioning to life as a Calgary Home Inspector I was surprised to find how much less regulated the industry was compared to Architecture. Simply looking at the requirements for Alberta licensing I found an extensive list of various requirements that made you eligible. For this reason alone I knew I wanted to seek out the best available option for myself, and find the accreditation that was most recognizable and would appropriately suit the skill set I would be bringing into this field.

The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) was recommended to me by practicing Inspectors in Calgary. That helped assure that acquiring my Certified Professional Inspector designation through them would be the best path. I was pleased with the extensive training that helped fill in the gaps from new to older construction practices that I was less exposed to previously. Their organization also maintains continuing education requirements for all their members which aligns with my own personal values towards continuous growth and learning.


In my work as an Archi. Tech. the builder or developer was often seen as the client, and while we do design homes in service of the end user or the homeowners there can be a disconnect in seeing the fulfillment your work brings to them. The inspection industry also has the unique benefit of pursuing a more holistic approach to each home. In an inspection, every aspect of the house falls under an inspector’s domain. Whereas, in an Architecture practice you’re restricted to your individual scope of work. You often rely on your partnering consultants to manage their own due diligence pertaining to their fields of expertise.

As a Home Inspector I’m thrilled to now be working more closely with the homeowners, and having that direct connection with my clients. I’m proud to bring a high level of attention to detail and care to every inspection. The energy and effort that saw me succeed in traditional Architecture is now used in service of individual homeowners and I couldn’t be happier about that. See you around the city! 

Your Calgary Home Inspector,