New Home Warranty Inspection Services

New Home Warranty Inspections

It’s crucial to take into account and utilize a warranty’s protection when buying a new home. A new home warranty inspection is imperative for ensuring that your investment is safeguarded against potential issues that may have arisen since moving into the home.

While home inspections are typically performed before the sale of a property to identify any existing problems, warranty inspections are conducted after the purchase to ensure that the builder has met their obligations under the warranty agreement. Giving homeowners peace of mind that their investment is safe, these inspections focus on identifying any workmanship or material defects that the Alberta New Home Warranty Program may cover.

A New Townhome after 11 months of Occupancy; Ready for a New Home Warranty Inspection in Chestermere

New Home Warranty Insurance

For owners of recently constructed houses, New Home Warranty Insurance offers important security. Prior to taking possession of their new house, home owners should ensure that the builder’s warranty is in place to cover any possible construction defects. Typically, a licensed residential warranty provider or a third-party home warranty provider will provide warranty coverage. Licensed home inspectors complete a home inspection in order to validate the quality of the constructed house. Their inspection report will outline any flaws or incomplete work that the builder must address before the warranty expires. The inspection includes checking the structure, building systems, and exterior building envelope. Which are all crucial elements of the new construction that the warranty covers.

All new home builders in Alberta must include a warranty, which guarantees components of the residential property against construction defects for a specified period of time. To better understand what is and is not covered, home owners should carefully read the warranty coverage terms. Every problem found during any home inspection conducted during the warranty period should be recorded and forwarded to the builder for remediation. It’s important to be prompt when addressing any deficiencies with the builder before the warranty expires. By taking proactive steps to address construction defects, home owners can move forward knowing they have protected the investment in their new home.

1-2-5-10 Alberta Warranty Inspections

In Alberta, the 1-2-5-10 warranty inspections are a cornerstone of leveraging home warranty insurance coverage for newly homes built. This comprehensive warranty mandates that within the first year, all materials and labor are covered; within two years, delivery and distribution systems ( like plumbing and electrical systems) are inspected; within five years, the building envelope is secured; and for 10 years, the home’s structure is protected. It is imperative for the buyer to thoroughly inspect their home from top to bottom, covering both interior and exterior aspects to ensure that any deficiencies which must be addressed are not overlooked before the expiry of the home warranty insurance coverage.

Assurances with the 1-2-5-10 Alberta New Home Warranty:
– Deficiencies within a new home are covered by mandatory warranty insurance, allowing homeowners to confidently make a claim should issues arise within the stipulated timeline.
– Homeowners are advised to keep a copy of all building permits, inspection reports and warranty documents for their records.

Why New Homeowners Should Get a Warranty Inspection


Identifying Defects Early: Spot defects while the builder’s warranty is still in effect, ensuring repairs are covered at no extra cost.

Ensuring Quality and Peace of Mind: Guarantee that your home meets quality standards, providing reassurance that your investment is secure.

Enhancing Resale Value: Boost your home’s resale value by demonstrating it has been well-maintained.


Accountability of Builders: These inspections hold builders accountable, ensuring they fulfill their warranty obligations.

Comprehensive Evaluation: Inspections conducted after several months of occupancy can uncover issues not visible during pre-possession walkthroughs with the builder.

Long-Term Savings: Addressing problems during the warranty period saves homeowners from future costly repairs.


Unnoticed Defects: Without a professional inspection, defects might go unnoticed, leading to bigger problems later.

Increased Repair Costs: Skipping the inspection means paying out-of-pocket for repairs after the warranty expires.

Lower Resale Value: A home with expired coverage, but without a warranty inspection report may have a lower resale value due to potential unknown issues.

Common Issues Found In New Homes During Warranty Inspections

Many typical problems come up during Alberta new home warranty inspections. New homes might undergo movements that cause structural issues like uneven floors, therefore, foundation cracks and settling are common worries. Another problem is water infiltration; leaks in roofs and basements might result from improper waterproofing, grading, or roofing materials. Poor installation or faulty materials can cause plumbing problems, including leaks, drips, and low water pressure. Additionally, problematic HVAC systems include leaking or inadequately insulated ducting and ineffective heating or cooling from incorrect installation.

Electrical problems that require quick care include non-compliant installations and damaged wiring. Both moisture accumulation and energy inefficiency can result from poor ventilation and insulation. Temperature variations and settling are common causes of paint flaws and surface fractures in drywall. Drafts, leaks, and operating problems are common with windows and doors; outside problems include siding gaps and gutter problems that can result in water damage. By taking care of these problems while the structure is still under warranty, homeowners may protect their investment and preserve the integrity of their house.

A New Home Warranty Inspection is Recommended at the 11th Month

It is strongly advised to arrange a new home warranty inspection at the 11th month mark to make sure that any problems are found and fixed before the builder’s commitment expires. Living in the home during this period enables homeowners to see possible issues that might not have been obvious at first. Homeowners just need to get in touch with their local Calgary Home Inspector and arrange a convenient time for an inspection. With just the occupants of the house and the inspector participating, unlike traditional home inspections, the scheduling procedure is simple and hassle-free.

A qualified inspector should perform your new home warranty inspection. Look for inspectors with relevant certifications, such as those from InterNACHI or CAHPI. As a bonus, ensure they have experience with new home construction and are familiar with the latest local building codes. Homeowners may make the most of their new home warranty and guarantee that their house stays in top shape by choosing a reliable inspector and arranging the inspection around their 11th month of occupancy.

Don’t Let Your Coverage Expire!

After purchasing a new home, leveraging your warranty coverage is an easy decision. The 11-month mark is crucial in this timeline. This is when you’re on the brink of the 1, in your 1-2-5-10 warranty lapsing. Letting your new home warranty coverage expire without utilizing it means missing out on potential savings and repairs that are rightfully yours under the warranty agreement. It’s a safeguard that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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