New Construction Home Inspection: Pre-Board & Pre-Possession

Should You Get a New Construction Home Inspection?

Deciding to purchase a new construction home is an exciting venture filled with the promise of fresh beginnings. Unlike existing homes with years of wear and potential hidden problems, newly constructed homes offer the appeal of untouched surfaces, cutting-edge features, and the latest in building standards. However, the assumption that new means flawless can be a costly misconception for homebuyers. The question of whether to invest in a new construction home inspection challenges the notion that everything brand new is without issue.

Although it might seem redundant at first glance, a thorough inspection can uncover construction oversights and installation errors, ensuring that your dream home is in perfect condition before you move in. This critical step not only safeguards your investment but also provides peace of mind, validating the integrity of your new residence. In this light, exploring the necessity and benefits of securing a professional inspection for a new construction home becomes an essential conversation for prospective homeowners. 

A New Luxury Home in Chestermere; still under construction and pending a new home construction inspection
The Rear Facade of a New Luxury Home Construction in Chestermere; highlighting the walkout basement feature.

Is it worth it to hire a third-party home inspector for a new build?

Many believe that a home inspection isn’t necessary for a new build due to the new home warranty covering potential defects. However, for that to have effect, you first need to identify said defects. Only then can you begin to rectify any issues found from the construction process. An independent inspector’s inspection report can be a powerful tool in addressing concerns with the builder or through the warranty program. The inspections of new builds can ensure that every board and nail meets the standards, giving homeowners peace of mind as they complete the buying process.

Scheduling the inspection before you take possession can uncover problems with plumbing, wiring, siding, or drywall that you or the builder might not notice. Though the builder’s pre-delivery inspection intends to catch construction defects, a thorough home inspection carried out by a certified home inspector’s experienced eye still reveals potential problems that could cost you significantly once you’ve moved in.

The cost of hiring a third-party home inspector to conduct a home inspection on a new build might seem like an unnecessary expense, but considering the investment involved in purchasing a new home, it’s a small price to pay. A pre-delivery inspection conducted by the builder is focused on surface-level issues, whereas a third-party inspector will delve deeper, examining aspects of the home that go beyond cosmetic concerns, identifying potential issues key structures and building systems. This way, any concerns can be addressed pre-possession, avoiding unpleasant surprises down the road.

Overall, investing in a thorough home inspection by a reputable home inspector before taking possession of a newly built home can save you time and money.

Home Inspectors provide impartial assessments and expert reports

Selecting a qualified new construction home inspector is crucial because new doesn’t automatically mean defect-free. Even if you buy a new construction property, issues that may not be readily visible, from the foundation to the roof, can surface later. A thorough independent inspection process, alongside both pre and final walkthrough stages with the builder, all work towards ensuring that the building and workmanship meet quality standards.

Seek out inspectors who hold pertinent accreditations, like those issued by InterNACHI or CAHPI. Additionally, it’s recommended to verify that they possess experience in inspecting new construction and are up-to-date with the most recent Alberta Building Codes. Make the most of homeownership by guaranteeing your new home is as pristine as possible. Then continue to leverage the new home warranty to extend the care of your new residence.

New Construction Home Inspection Services

New construction home inspection services emphasize the importance of multiple inspection stages, such as the Pre-Board or Pre-Drywall Inspection, and Pre-Possession Inspection, each of which are tailored to ensuring the highest quality of construction before you commit to moving in. A new home may have issues with ventilation, improperly installed doors and windows, or HVAC systems, which are detailed in the home inspection report. The builders Pre-Delivery inspection and the Alberta New Home Warranty Program highlight that new doesn’t necessarily mean perfect.

Utilizing these inspection stages you’re empowered to work directly with the builder to ensure any improperly installed components or issues that emerged while workers are still on-site can be promptly addressed. Doing so only reinforces a commitment to excellence from all parties involved. This proactive approach means that newly built homes might not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Pre-Board Inspection

Once the drywall is installed everything behind the walls is hidden. An inspection completed before this stage reveals any defects before they’re concealed. Framing, electrical, plumbing, HVAC runs are all still visible.

Pre-Possession Inspection

You’re so close to moving into your new home, and here’s your chance to make it your perfect dream home. An inspection at this stage provides untethered room for a home inspector’s assessment.

New Home Warranty Inspection

All new homes built in Alberta are required to be under warranty starting at the time you take possession. Materials and Labor are only covered for the 1st year making it prudent to target this inspection 11 months after taking occupancy.

Pre-Board and Pre-Possession Inspection: One Shot, One Opportunity

The Pre-Board and Pre-Possession Inspection represent a critical contingency for any property. This is your one shot, one opportunity to get a comprehensive look at what you are about to call home. A home inspector won’t have another opportunity to review what’s behind the walls, or behind your furnishings after you’re settled. In our opinion, these two stages represent the bare minimum that should be considered as part of building every new home. Depending on the size and care for detail you’re willing to invest on your future property, this could be expanded for additional inspections, or full-fledged inspector attendance at the final walk-through with the builder. It’s not just about checking boxes; it’s your chance to simply make sure everything is in line with what has been promised. These stages are crucial and fleeting. They should include real estate professionals to ensure nothing is overlooked.

Ease into your brand new Calgary Home with a new construction home inspection

Ease into your Calgary home with a stress-free and smooth transition knowing you completed independent inspections. A builder warranty should not be overlooked as it guarantees a level of protection for your new home. Alberta warranty covers various building components for 1, 2, 5 and 10 year intervals. You should be familiar with the coverage, and enlist reliable Calgary Home Inspectors to substantiate your claims for repairs.

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