Home Inspection Services

Home Inspections are visual, non-invasive or destructive examinations of the buildings condition. Standard home inspection services cover all critical components of the house. This covers: Roofing, Exterior, Foundation, Structure, Heating & Cooling Systems, Plumbing, Electrical, Fireplace, Attic, Insulation, Insulation, Ventilation, Windows, Doors and the Interior. Through observation of these areas any identified defects with a system or building component are identified and reported upon. A home inspection does not reveal every issue that exists, or which may exist in the future but rather the conditions of the building at the time of the inspection. With the Calgary Home Inspector Corp. you can take advantage of these services at any stage of homeownership.

We’re also happy to extend our services beyond Calgary. We offer home inspections in Chestermere, Okotoks, Cochrane, Airdrie and more!

Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

Are you purchasing a property/ are you the buyer? Has a home owner accepted your offer, and you diligently included a condition for home inspection as part of the agreement? If so, you’ve made the decision to protect one of your largest investments and with this service we’ll help provide you the information to do just that. This is a thorough and comprehensive visual inspection of the home from foundation to roof, interior to exterior, and includes all the systems of the home. These are the systems that help keep your lights on, water running, and the frigid cold at bay.

As the purchaser we recommend having you attend this inspection to provide you the opportunity to further understand your home, it’s condition, where repairs are required/ recommended, or where making improvements could add value to the property.

Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Getting ready to sell your home? A pre-listing home inspection will highlight areas of your home that would inevitably be reported on through a pre-purchase inspection. This inspection report provides you the opportunity to address critical concerns before listing your home on the market. By addressing these concerns early you can minimize last minute price haggling. Or worse – buyers walking away from a conditional sales agreement. That’s only losing you time and money. The adage that the best defence is a good offence is the lifeblood of a pre-listing inspection.

New Build Pre Drywall & Pre-Posession Inspection

No home is in perfect condition. Unfortunately, that includes new builds. However, having a new build inspection done gives you the best shot at having the perfect home. The construction industry has deadlines, contracts, and fiscal obligations to meet. While you may be a developers client, you may not be their priority.

Having a home inspection done on a new build ensures you have someone who’s primary concern is you, and the condition of your home. A pre-drywall inspection is the one and only time an inspector can see through and in between walls, floors, and attic spaces. It’s an opportunity to review the quality of framing, and observe the installation of rough-ins. Beyond that it’s a chance to confirm insulation is in place for the entire building. At this stage that can be done without the use of Infrared Inspection technology.

The final inspection is as thorough as a pre-purchase inspection, but gives extra attention to quality of craftsmanship and finishes. At this stage the home builder is still responsible for these items, not you. We’re here to help you hold them accountable before they hand you the keys.

New Home Warranty Inspection

This inspection service is for homeowners who’s newly built home is currently still under warranty with their builder. It’s also commonly referred to as an 11th Month Warranty Inspection. This aligns itself a month ahead of a developers expiring 1 year warranty offering.

A warranty inspection is a complete standard home inspection which covers all critical areas of the home. We’ll also review your individual warranty package and provide additional feedback.

Home Maintenance Inspection

A home is an investment, and some times that means having someone come in to help review your portfolio. That’s where a home maintenance inspection can help provide homeowners with information regarding the status of their home.

Recommendations for maintenance are provided and critical issues regarding your homes health can be identified and presented to you for remediation before they cause further damage.

All home inspection services are offered for: Single Family Detached Homes, Duplexes, Town/Row Homes, Condo and Apartment Units.
All home inspection services include an Inspection Report in written format issued to the Client.