Ecoline Window Installation Inspection: Home Inspector Review

by | Jul 1, 2024

The Importance of Professional Window Installations in Calgary

This past month I had the opportunity to step into the role of a third-party inspector for a window installation project carried out by Ecoline Windows. Invited on-site for an installation review, I assessed the progression of their work to ensure that every step met the high standards necessary for a successful installation. To give you an inside look, we also recorded a video of the Ecoline window installation inspection, which you can watch below. Additionally, this blog article will also walk you through my views and insights from the day’s work, stressing the need of a competent window install and the worth of an independent inspection.

Professional window installation is key to maintaining the integrity and energy efficiency of a home. Poorly installed windows can lead to a host of problems, including drafts, water leaks, and higher energy bills. During my career as a home inspector, I have often encountered issues stemming from improper window installations, such as inadequate sealing and improper fitting.

Initial Property and Existing Window Assessment

Before the installation began, I conducted an initial assessment of the home and the existing windows. This step involved checking the current condition of the windows, the surrounding frames, and the overall structure to ensure there were no underlying issues that could affect the new installation. Noting any signs of damage, rot, or previous improper installations is important. These factors can influence the installation process and the performance of the replacement windows.

The Window Installation Process by Ecoline

Removal of Old Windows

The deliberate removal of the original windows marked the first phase of the project. The Ecoline Windows team made tremendous effort to prevent compromising the nearby finishes and construction. This guarantees a clean installation site for the new windows and helps to stop the need for more repairs.

Preparation of the Openings for Window Replacement

Once the old windows were removed, the openings were prepared for the new installations. This involved cleaning the openings, checking for any structural issues, and ensuring that the frame was adequately sealed with a self adhesive flexible membrane flashing.

Installation of New Energy-Efficient Windows

The crew made sure every unit was level and correctly aligned as the new triple-pane replacement windows were put in. The windows’ operation depends on proper alignment, which determines their opening, closing, and environmental protection ability.

Sealing and Insulation

After the windows were installed, the team focused on air-sealing and insulating the windows to prevent air and water infiltration. High-quality caulking and low expansions spray foam insulation materials were used to ensure a tight seal. These steps are vital for maintaining the home’s energy efficiency and protecting against weather-related damage.

Final Adjustments and Finishing Touches

The installation was completed with final adjustments and finishing touches. This included ensuring that all the new energy-efficient windows operated smoothly, applying trim and molding, and performing a final inspection to check for any gaps or imperfections in the installation.

Observations and Review of Ecoline Windows

Throughout the installation, I made several observations and assessments:

  • Best Practices: Ecoline Windows followed modern industry practices, including careful removal of old windows and meticulous preparation of the window openings.

  • Professional Techniques: The use of high-quality materials and professional techniques ensured a secure and lasting installation.

  • Challenges and Solutions: Any challenges that arose, such as minor adjustments needed for perfect alignment, were promptly and effectively addressed by the installation team.

Post Installation Window Inspection

Once the installation was complete, I conducted a thorough post-installation inspection. This involved checking each window for proper alignment, ensuring that the envelope remained tight, and verifying that the insulation was adequate. Additionally, I tested the windows to ensure they opened and closed smoothly and checked for any signs of air or water leakage.

Would I Choose to Use Ecoline Windows?

My Ecoline window installation inspection resulted in overwhelmingly positive takeaways. The installation was performed to a high standard, with careful attention not only to the installation but also to the home itself. To guarantee the lifetime and functionality of their new windows, I usually advise homeowners thinking about window replacements or upgrades using a professional installation company. I would have no problems deciding on Ecoline Windows for my own house.

Exterior View of Ecoline Windows Performing an Installation
Interior View of Ecoline Windows Performing an Installation

Understanding New Window Installation in Renovation Projects

Window installations, whether part of a renovation or a new construction project, require careful planning and execution to ensure proper fit, function, and aesthetic appeal. However, the context in which these installations occur significantly affects the process and the challenges encountered.

In a new construction project, the window installation is done from a blank slate, simplifying the installation process. Further to that other trades, such as framers, siders, and interior finishers, all play a role in completing the window installation. 

This is why choosing a new window installation from a do-it-all professional business such as Ecoline Windows has a strong case. They take care of window removal, frame treatments, new installation, finishing, and cleanup. 

Consider Upgrading to Energy-Efficient Windows

Are you considering upgrading to energy-efficient windows for your home? Ensuring that your new windows are installed correctly is imperative for maximizing their benefits, including improved energy efficiency, enhanced comfort, and increased home value. Don’t leave this important upgrade to chance.

Make the smart choice by having your window installation assessed by a professional third-party Calgary Home Inspector. Our thorough inspections provide you with the peace of mind that your investment is protected and that your new windows are performing optimally. 

Ecoline Windows Installation Inspections carried out by professional Calgary Home Inspectors